Psychometrics don't work well with Asians

Perhaps in this global economy and overwhelming exposure to MTV and American sitcoms and hopefully not British ones like Little Britain; we may all be westernized. I mean, there's a huge difference between race and culture. For example, you could be culturally American but Indian (the Asian kind) racially.

The problem with applying psychometric tests like Myers-Briggs, Cubik's PAPI personality tests and the sorts are that the statistical sampling of results are gathered from prepubescent Americans going through freshmen year; and besides making some money as personality test subjects; side income are also derived from donating sperm or ovarian cells. What's scary is that the "base psychological" profile is then used as a yardstick to measure other people. When applied to Asians you can get pretty warped results.

For example, if you ask an Asian whether he'd report his boss to the authorities for soliciting money from vendors. He'd probably answer no; because his boss is potentially his father and the vendor's his uncle.

Secondly, Asians are taught to be meek towards folks who are:-
  • Older than they are
  • Magically in bred among the Sultanates or of Kingly bloodline. In which case, that person is still a demi God
  • Children and family members of major conglomorates. The new "aristocrats" of current times; if you may.
In which case; assessments on Assertiveness will not be accurate. Another example, if you're culturally Japanese maybe then tests on making decisions will not be clear cut. Being Chinese if there's a test for greed they'd probably score extremely high.

I hence posit that psychometrics should first start with determining your cultural orientation. With questions like:-

  1. Which do you prefer; a Dirty Sanchez or getting stroodled?
  2. What happens when you puff the dragon?
  3. Do you think its way cool to exclaim "mother-Chot!"?
  4. Do you "Tah Fei Kei" or paint the ceiling?
  5. Are kelentits are delicacy in South East Asia; and why?

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