After a long hiatus, I've figured that I've met just about every specimen out there that personifies dark management diseases. Until lately, there's a new species making its rounds; I was talking to the wife while she was lamenting about a particular department manager that seems to "not know" a lot of things. Then I realized that I've seem them before as well; yikes!

Hence the name "Sciotitis"

The Latin word for "knowing" is Scio, and thus I decree, Sciotitis as the affliction of not knowing.
Now what are the symptoms you may ask.
  1. The individual tends to order people around; almost immediately after a meeting concludes. Usually picking on folks who seem to know.  
  2. The individual also orders people to assume responsibilities that rightfully should be under their purview. Claiming that the other team possess information that they do not have.
  3. When asked perform any task in return. The individual will usually just say; 
    • I do not know how.
    • I have not done it before.
    • You know best, I'll let you do it. 
    • I do not have the information that you have. 
    • I only know "my job " hence you cannot expect me to do XXX. because.... I do not know how

See if you can spot folks with Sciotitis and let me know.

Typically, mid-management (can't go up any higher cause the other managers are quite cheesed off with the behaviour so not much support from peers). So far we've concluded that they are more female than males; because men have this ego thing going on that stops them saying "I don't know".