The Dark Manager Mind Meld

Ever want anything to be approved by the CEO without him approving it? Read on.

There's this situation where a presentation for investment required a decision from the boss, but it lacked crucial information. Behind the scenes however its highly important that this project goes on due to motives only known by the PM, so here goes.

Steps to mind meld
1) Casually chat up the boss on the topic, share with him the facts. It doesn't really matter that there will be no decision coming out of it.

2) Write an email to boss but cc. the rest of the approving bodies in the review board of such "discussion". Use words like "base on the discussion...". Note that "the" is indeterminate, and because there's folks in the cc, they'd figure that a decision was actually made by the boss. And when boss reads it, he thinks that the rest of the approving body has concurred.

3) Let the situation cool itself down, at least two weeks. The boss is typically so busy that he'll forget about the email anyway.

4) Present the case to another dept; in particular Procurement and cite that "the ceo" and Approving body has given the approval base on the email.

True enough, its probably not strong cause it requires the CEO's reply, but if you play your cards right, and phrase it convincing enough. The rest of the panel may just approve the activity.

If you're ever caught and got hauled into the CEO's office, insist that the CEO did approve from the conversation, and you wrote the email to him to confirm. Pretend that you're angered at his forgetfulness... and negotiate your case again.

But now with more facts on why the project is important. Sneakiest (Dumbest) trick i've ever seen...

Why it's successful?
-> You get precious air time from the boss...