Image to the Dark Practitioner

Image is everything to the dark practitioner. You have to look the act and talk the walk. Here's a few items in your cheat sheet.

The Look & Demeanor
  • Wear a shirt with a cuffling if you're a man (no cheap plastic ones). For a lady always wear a power suit. Get a proper heavy silk tie, and make sure you change them daily. Don't wear the same tie twice a week.
  • Never ever wear a short sleeve shirt unless you have burly hairy arms with a righteous scar on it.
  • Keep your shoes cleaned, preferably shiny.
  • Speak with even tones but place emphasis on key words. Manage a baritone.
  • Make no sudden jerky movements, walk and move your hands with deliberate slowness. If even if you need to be in a hurry, space out your steps, but don't walk too fast that it's jerky. Think soar like an eagle.
  • Wear a noticeable watch, its a good subject matter.
  • Don't keep items in your pockets, especially in your pants as the bulginess make you look like a clown.
  • Keep your face spotless, go to an executive facial, no eyebags or dark circles please. You must always look fresh.
  • Keep a smile on your face at all times.
  • When you talk to people, learn forward, keep eye contact and looked paternally concerned.
  • Do not make any dumb jokes.
The Presentation
  • If you don't know something, end a question with a question.
  • Always interrupt a conversation with "If I may..."
  • Quote a passage from a well known business book. The more learned you sound, the more people think that you are actually smart.
  • Always present good news. Never ever present bad news. Nobody likes a whiner.
  • The thickness of any report is proportionate to the value of the project. e.g if 100K is 10 pages then 1mil should be 100 pages
Meeting the CEO
  • Always carry a pile of power point slides and paper when you meet the CEO. Never go there empty handed.
  • Always have an interesting anecdote or story to tell
  • Always have good news and achievements.

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